About “Brood Coffee Talk”


Every day there’s a lot going on in this big old world. Apparently I’ve reached the age where I feel the need to comment on some of it. By that I mean, some things cause me to feel great emotion, and I’d like to share some of that…or, maybe I’d just like to offer some clarity.

What you’ll find here are news items I feel strongly about, and considered opinions–but not personal attacks or unsubstantiated rumors. Whenever possible I’ll make sure that the details are accurate. I can’t promise that I’ll be unbiased, but I will try to at least provide some balance.

It was my intention to post daily to this site (and I did so for almost six months)…however, as of March 22, 2013, there is the possibility that the frequency could be reduced to several times a week, as circumstances permit.

Most of the content will be about tech news, sports, music, current events, personal observations, media I enjoy…and politics, but without party bias.

I have several weblogs, but for some reason I don’t post to them any more. Perhaps I have some absurd preconceived notion what I should write there…regardless, I’ve created this one to better capture my thoughts, ideas and observations.

Live on.


‘The Fusco Brothers,” by J. C. Duffy; March 11, 1992. My apologies for the quality–online archives don’t go back far enough to find a sharper version. This one has been scanned from the timeless copy found on my refrigerator. CLICK TO ENLARGE.

I saw recently that a reader was trying to do an online search for the meaning of the phrase “brood coffee,” so I thought I would explain its origins as I understand them.

When I moved to Tucson in 1987 it wasn’t long before I started reading the Tucson Weekly, a free “countercultural” publication.These tabloids are found across the country under various names and are typically distributed around and within college and university areas. They feature local content such as restaurant, bar, music and concert reviews, and often also have stories on local political issues. Their target audience is generally a more liberal, younger and less “establishment” (’60s word!) audience.

It was through the Weekly that I started following comic strips like J.C. Duffy’s “The Fusco Brothers,” Matt Groening’s “Life In Hell,” Bill Griffith’s “Zippy the Pinhead,” Max Cannon’s “Red Meat,” and so on.

When I was thinking of a name for my new weblog, one that I thought should be catchy but would also help provide a hint as to its content, I remembered the comic strip shown above. I couldn’t use just “Brood Coffee,” however, as a weblog already existed on Blogger.com. So, I gave it some thought, and went through the process: “Coffee Talk…Brood Coffee…Brood Coffee Talk!”

And there you go.


(Home and this page: Photo by Forrest, made in February 2007 near the Navajo Nation village of Dilkon, on Indian Route 87 north of I-40 near Winslow, AZ.)

The photo is meant to show solitude, desolation and a hostile environment…with the possibility of a better climate ahead in the distance.


(The photo described below for the time being no longer appears on this site.)

(The former Amber Hills Hotel, Salome, AZ. Photo by Forrest, September 2004.)

(Avatar is a drawing named Sun and Moon by Forrest ~1996; functioned as the title screen on his then-frequently-used Sharp Zaurus ZR-5800.)


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