A letter from a father who understands unconditional love

It’s not in the “mission statement” of Brood Coffee Talk to post things that are found on Facebook, or most any social media (unless a Twitter feed can provide news or information important to a post).

There are several reasons for this, but the best that immediately comes to mind is that this weblog is not integrated with Facebook. It is a separate entity, and I wish to keep it that way.

Also, much of Facebook’s content is not suitable for this blog, it has a different style. While it is true that I often post this blog’s latest entry on my Facebook Timeline, that’s so that I can share it with those who in turn would–and do–share things with me. I don’t really consider the blog’s content working in both directions, though.

But today I saw something posted by George Takei that I did want to share here. Most of you know that he was on the original Star Trek television series and films…many of you know that he was played the part of Ensign (later Commander) Hikaru Sulu. You all probably know that he is gay and an ardent supporter of gay rights.

I think it reminds us of the difference between simple love and unconditional love.

Dad of the Year letter

Many on Facebook believe this father should be chosen as “Dad of the Year.”
Credit: George Takei

Please visit Mr. Takei’s Facebook page to Like or Comment on it.


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