My Favorite Music Videos, Part Thirteen: Chris Isaak’s ‘Dancin”

For this, my 200th post on BroodCoffeeTalk, we have the music video for Chris Isaak‘s 1985 hit–“Dancin’.”

This is one of the music videos I was privileged to see on the all-night UHF video channel “Odyssey” in the early- to mid-1980s. I had no idea who Isaak was–I was more drawn to the “feel” of the video. Since then he has become one of my favorite artists.

That “feel” is a heavy retro-50s influenced vibe: in the singer’s appearance, his music, the black-and-white blurred footage found within most of the video, the backup singers’ bouffants and synchronized moves behind him, the sets that form the backdrops of it. If you were alive in the mid- to late-50s and have any memory of television and music then–however vague that memory might be–Isaak nails it.

The song is from his debut album “Silvertone.” The Wikipedia entry tells us that the album was not a hit until the song “Gone Ridin'” was featured in David Lynch’s 1986 film “Blue Velvet.” Isaak and Lynch collaborated several times afterwards; the singer had a major role in the Twin Peaks TV series prequel, “Fire Walk With Me” as Agent Chester Desmond.

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