My Favorite Music Videos, Part Eight: Fatboy Slim’s ‘Weapon of Choice’ (featuring Christopher Walken)

Today’s Favorite Music Video is Fatboy Slim’s “Weapon of Choice.” This video is perhaps best known for Christopher Walken‘s smooth stylized dance moves that carry him throughout the former Marriott Hotel in Los Angeles (now the LA Hotel).

At the start of the video Walken is sitting in a chair in the hotel lobby, apparently drifting off to sleep. He hears a small boom box on a maid’s cleaning cart playing the beginning of this song. He starts to move a bit in his chair, stands up and then springs to life into some pretty amazing dance steps.

When you first watch this video, your immediate thought is, “That’s not Christopher Walken! Isn’t he, like, OLD? That’s gotta be someone else.” (Well, maybe that’s not exactly what you thought.)

Walken was 57 in 2000 when this video was filmed. While he looks even older than that here (like Steve Buscemi–for instance–he looks much older than he really is), that hardly makes him too old.

Walken trained as a dancer in musical theater before he took up acting, which helps to explain how he makes it appear so effortless…plus, he looks like he’s having a genuinely good time. (Historically, when was the last time you saw him smiling, like he does here, when someone wasn’t about to die?)

Parliament/Funkadelic and Bootsy’s Rubber Band artist/musician/legend Bootsy Collins gives the vocal performance his own inimitable stamp.

Although the video loaded fine for me last night, there seemed to be some trouble with it today. I’ve replaced it with a better version with the exact same content. It was uploaded by “Official Fatboy Slim,” and has much better resolution and color.

(If the video won’t load, try this link.)


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