My Favorite Music Videos, Part Six: Level 42’s ‘Something About You’

If you’ve been following the “My Favorite Music Videos” series since the beginning, you’re aware of my belief that a good storyline or plot is probably the best way to make a music video.

As I look back thirty years or so, the ones that seem to stand out the most would be the ones that tried to tell a story. It is true that in a few quite notable exceptions (which we will get to later on), this wasn’t the case. Sometimes great imagery skillfully juxtaposed together tells its own story, or invites you to make up your own.

Remember: While a bad music video will not necessarily damage a good (or better) song, a superior music video can raise an average song to the status of legend.

One such example is Level 42‘s 1985 hit, “Something About You.” A bit of history about the band: started in 1979, Level 42 were almost exclusively a jazz/funk band with a growing reputation for powerful live shows. By the release of 1985’s “World Machine” album, the band was evolving into “a more mainstream pop/R’n’B sound.”

“World Machine” is on my list of all-time favorite album releases.

Lead singer Mark King is the clown/carnival master-like Phantom Of The Video in the song’s video. In the video King, riding on a train with his bandmates, fantasizes about each of them with a particular woman. Who is this woman? Watch the video carefully.

Click here to play the “Something About You” music video.

(NOTE: I have spent many hours–both prior to publishing this post last night and since–attempting to “embed” this video into this site…in other words, have it appear like a small video window. I believe that’s how videos, both music and otherwise, should be presented. I have finally given up, at least for now. Please click on the link just above to have the video play. The quality is not very good–the only video that I could find with better quality was “reversed”…i.e., it was like a mirror image, the right side was on the left, etc. My apologies for what I consider a substandard presentation. I’ll keep looking and trying to properly embed this video here.)

One thought on “My Favorite Music Videos, Part Six: Level 42’s ‘Something About You’

  1. I remember this song came about a dozen or so girlfriends ago about the time one of our college friends came out of the closet at a time when it wasn’t vogue to do so. Anyway, that song marked the begining of a relationship with Dawn that ended less than a year later, about the time of Leve 42’s next hit, “Lessons In Love.” I’ve always loved both songs and if we learn our lessons we find more suitable mates in life or rediscover old ones.

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