My Favorite Music Videos, Part Four: Go West’s ‘We Close Our Eyes’

The music video for Go West’s 1985 hit “We Close Our Eyes” takes a good song and makes a presentation that, almost thirty years later, still gives me chills.

Remember what we’ve talked about before–that while a bad music video will not necessarily damage a good (or better) song, a superior music video can raise an average song to the status of legend.

And this is one of the best and most creative music videos I’ll be presenting here.

While all the ones you’ll see in this collection have something that makes each especially unique, this one asks far more questions than it answers:

Why does the singer have a giant pipe wrench, and why is he dressed so shabbily? What’s the meaning of the white numbers that slowly scroll above the blue line in the background? What do the mannequins symbolize, and what is their purpose? Are they friend or foe to the singer and guitarist?

The video was directed by Kevin Godley and Lol Creme–known collectively as Godley & Creme–two former members of the band 10cc (1975’s “I’m Not In Love,” amongst others) who left the band in 1977 to pursue other projects. One of these turned out to be directing music videos, and in this the duo met with great success. Godley & Creme were responsible for the unique imagery and feel of videos by artists the Police, Duran Duran and Herbie Hancock, to name just a few of the better ones.

Their own video, “Cry,” was hailed by critics for its amazing morphing of faces, each into the next–and this was in 1983, way before computer graphics made that as commonplace as it is today.

Here’s a history of the band Go West.

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