Video: ‘Big Bang Theory’ actress Cuoco to star in Super Bowl ad

If you don’t know who Kaley Cuoco is by now–or at least recognize her face–you must have been far away from the rest of the world since at least 2007.

From that year to the present, Cuoco has been playing the character of Penny, attractive next-door neighbor to geeky physicists Leonard and Sheldon, on the CBS-TV hit comedy series “The BIg Bang Theory.” Prior to that she’s held several other roles, including one of the late John Ritter’s daughters on the ABC-TV series “8 Simple Rules” that ran from 2002-05.

Recently she’s branched out into advertising. Starting a few weeks ago, she began appearing alongside William Shatner in’s TV ads. This week, the media reported that she would be starring in a Super Bowl commercial for Toyota’s RAV4 SUV.

She plays a purple-garbed genie who grants wishes, not unlike the role Robin Williams voiced in the Disney 1992 animated feature “Aladdin.”

Here’s a short teaser ad, followed by the RAV4 ad you’ll see during the Super Bowl this Sunday:

There’s a bit more on the commercial here.

3 thoughts on “Video: ‘Big Bang Theory’ actress Cuoco to star in Super Bowl ad

  1. Since my taste in women has become international, she’s one of the few domestic ladies that catches my eye. When Ritter died I felt so bad for her family I wanted to be their new dad. She’s a delight. When it comes to genies, I’ll take Barbara Eden granting my wishes. (Again, another international lady).

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