My Favorite Music Videos, Part One: The Alan Parsons Project’s ‘Don’t Answer Me’

Since the birth of music video (not officially recognized until the birth of MTV in 1981) I’ve had a list of my favorites. Many of these fall within the first few years of the genre…it’s a diverse mix, and I’m presenting them in no particular order.

It’s been now just over 30 years since the debut of MTV. Still, it was hardly the only source of videos, as I recall NBC’s “Friday Night Videos,” “Night Tracks” on WTBS, and a station on UHF that broadcasted all night every night from Cocoa Beach,  Florida in the mid-80s. All of these videos came from one of those sources.

First up…the classic Alan Parsons Project video, “Don’t Answer Me.”

It might be trite in its plot line, but its substance is the way the music is melded to the video.


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