In the NFL, lip reading is a lost art: A hilarious take on what they’re REALLY saying

Everyone wonders what athletes are saying on the field. In baseball, conversations on the pitcher’s mound are conducted with gloves held obscuring mouths, so as to avoid lip reading. But, for all we know, they could be discussing tonight’s special at a favorite restaurant or last night’s rerun of “How I Met Your Mother.”

In the NFL, coaches are seen launching into a tirade after a bad play produced an unpleasant result…players are seen on the bench talking to each other in a matter-of-fact manner. What are they saying?

With this in mind, Bad Lip Reading has posted a video on YouTube of NFL players and coaches making hilarious comments. Talk about putting words in someone’s mouth!

The video quickly hit 11 million views following its Wednesday release. has a story on the video, which is included within. But if you’d like to see just the video, here it is:

Judging by all the clips shown at the end of the video, there’s a lot more humor waiting to be found.

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