At the close of 2013 CES: Best Of, Worst Of, ‘Amazing spectacles and awkward moments’

So another year of CES is in the books. You’d think that, like Mardi Gras or the annual Super Bowl hype, it’ll never end. Well, at least with Mardi Gras you hope it doesn’t.

This year’s CES brought us the expected Best Of, Worst Of lists as well as times when things went the way they were supposed to, for an awesome effect–and, the times when they, well, didn’t.

Here are three slideshows brought to us by

The Best of 2013 CES: A working virtual reality headset; car maker demos of amazing in-car touch control screens; new wireless power providers; Vizio touchscreens; much more.

The Worst of 2013 CES: A ridiculous exergaming contraption with pulleys and wires; a USB fork (?!?); Steve Ballmer (you thought Microsoft was done with CES, didn’t you?); Sony’s accidental BIOS screen; a kids’ training potty…with an iPad activity stand (no joke); LiteBrix (Legos with ultrabright LEDs IN…EVERY…BRICK–ouch); more.

The “Amazing spectacles and awkward moments” of 2013 CES: Embarrassing ballroom dancers; massaging robots; a stunning Intel lightshow display done with dozens of Ultrabooks; deafening headphones from Motorhead; a Trojan, uh, personal massager display; cosplay kitty-cat ears; more.


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