CES: 14 tablet computers that are definitely not ordinary

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is a place where a lot of new products and ideas are unveiled…many don’t make it out of the building, so to speak, as for one reason or another (lack of consumer interest, lack of money, or both) they’re never seen again. There’s also patent issues, as many times Company A sees that Company B has produced a device that looks a bit too much like one of Company A’s best sellers. The next thing Company receives is a “cease and desist” letter from Company A’s attorneys, and that’s that.

Keeping that in mind, then, here are fourteen tablet devices that PCWorld.com found at the 2013 CES to be unlike any others. There’s a device with both Windows 8 and Android; a 27″ slate that’s designed to sit in the middle of a conference table, so all can participate; one designed to withstand a four-foot drop; a gaming tablet with handles on each side and controllers embedded within; and one that includes a TV tuner–basically a tablet television.

It will be interesting to see just how many actually make it to the marketplace…and then, how many survive.


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