The BEST post-Zeppelin version of ‘Stairway’…maybe, ever

How lucky are we to have the surviving members of Led Zeppelin view the core of the 70s superband Heart perform “Stairway to Heaven”? Wow…yes, they shortened it and left some verses out…but this version should stand forever. The late John Bonham’s son Jason on drums, Robert Plant tearing up at the end, Jimmy Page enthusiastically supporting it, John Paul Jones smiling throughout…a huge choir, a string section, Ann Wilson’s British-affected lyrics. What a masterful performance! I don’t know when we’ll see the likes of this again.

I love Led Zeppelin but I have to admit that “Stairway to Heaven,” after several hundred listenings of “Led Zeppelin IV” and radio play, has grown a bit threadbare to me, overworn and a little tired. So, imagine how it must feel to Page, Plant and Jones, after playing the song what in the end must be thousands of times.

Still, they clearly loved it.

I got chills.

The performance transcended the music…meaning, you could appreciate it even if you didn’t like the song.

That’s a very rare occurrence.


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