Another writer with memorable talent and story: DiGiuseppi’s ‘Click’

I’m not a fan of vampire stories. While the vampire concept is a good one, I believe too many writers choose the subject because they are lazy.

Vampires have many qualities that differ from human beings, not the least of which is a certain tortured existence. They can be and often are portrayed as the antihero–misunderstood rebels in our society, outside of its constraints, secretly seeking acceptance into it while also outwardly rejecting all that it stands for.

I think it’s too tempting for most inexperienced writers. I mean–take a character, make him (or her) a vampire, put that character in a modern high-rise apartment building with dozens (if not hundreds) of humans, and just watch the fun!

We already know that vampires feed on the living to survive. We also know that 99% of the population doesn’t believe in them, and people are terrified of things they don’t or won’t understand. There’s your conflict, all neat and tidy. Even better if you can have your main character fall in love with one of its chosen victims, which introduces the conflict between the fulfillment of that emotion and the contempt the vampire has of humans, generally viewing them in much the same way that a predator looks at its next meal.

There’s also the privacy that vampires must naturally require in order to survive, much of which has to be surrendered to be with the one they love. Conflict galore! The strong sense of self-preservation, at direct odds with the equally strong raw emotion of love.

Anyway, to me it seems like it could be too easy and, in the wrong hands, too trite. No real plot, just formula.

Fortunately, there are spins on the vampire concept–even some that use the concept to take us someplace even more frightening.

I recently received a like for one of my posts from Trista DiGiuseppi, another WordPress writer…and, as I think we all should do, I went to her weblog to–as WordPress advises–see what she was up to.

There are two general things that will interest me in a weblog: images, like drawings or photographs, and writing–fiction or otherwise.

DiGiuseppi’s blog drew me in right away with her jarring illustration for “Click,” her short story that features a vampire as an antagonist.  It has a great spin on the vampire genre–starting off good, it just gets better as you go.

Though it’s been several days since it was last read, I still find myself thinking about it. To me, that’s the mark of good writing and a great story.


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