An everyday user shares opinions, good and bad, on Windows 8 and RT

I try to give the readers of Brood Coffee Talk a variety of subjects that will provide thought-proving, informative and entertaining reading–and I hope to accomplish this on a daily basis.

There are times when my posting efforts receive praise in the form of “likes” from readers. Sometimes I am paid an even higher compliment by one who wants to “follow” my writing on this weblog. In other media, this would be the same as “subscribing” to it.

When someone likes or follows my blog I think it’s a good idea to see what they’re about…so I’ll visit their website or weblog. Many times I’m treated to something that I want to share with others, it’s that good. The most notable of these have been what I’ve written about Therin Knite’s Knite Writes and Mikko Lagerstedt’s Photography blog.

I’m not going to repeat what I said about these two bloggers here…I’d recommend that you either take a quick detour to them now, or make a visit later on. It will be worth it, as I think you’ll enjoy both.

I’m not going to “urge” you to go there. I don’t like the concept, as I believe I have neither the power nor the authority to urge anyone to do anything; nor would I want it. Now, if you were on fire I might urge you to roll around on the ground, or urge you to stand still while I hosed you down with water…but that’s an entirely different matter.

Recently I received a like from Internationally Unrelated, another WordPress writer whose blog is full of observations on life, not unlike parts of Brood Coffee Talk. At the end of one of her posts she recommends a website from a Mr. Ricardo Lopes, named, oddly enough, Ricardo Lopes. His site lists him as “a Computer Science Master’s student of University of Coimbra, software and web developer, blogger and judo blackbelt from Coimbra, Portugal.”

I look for tech stories to write about, add my opinion to, report or elaborate on. Oftentimes the writers are simply tech news reporters covering a story, and any opinions or observations are those of others that they write about.

Lopes has some considered and insightful thoughts on Windows 8 and RT as well, and his ideas and analyses are as good or better than I’ve read in most places. He’s gained this perspective in part because he’s used Windows 8 since its official October release by Microsoft.

He says that he’s used Windows, OS X and Linux, so there’s no “Internet troll” bias there, he has a fair perspective of all. And while he has many good things to say about it, he also makes some great points as to how much better Windows 8 could have been.

Please go for a look…and if you’d like, share your thoughts–agree or disagree–below and on his site.

One thought on “An everyday user shares opinions, good and bad, on Windows 8 and RT

  1. More tablets by different major vendors like sony are bringing more weapon to the microsoft arsenal. This would be a real advantage compared to apple software products which are soley for its own hardware products. Though this is not the case with Google Android which is favouring a more open approach and this has been its primary reason for its market invasion up to now.

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