Survey: PCWorld readers name Apple’s MacBooks first in 7 categories, including most reliable

Apple’s laptop computers are generally more expensive than ones from other companies. At times, the price gulf has been so wide that you could buy two or even three of a comparable PC model for the cost of one MacBook Pro.

But when you talk to nearly all Mac owners, they’ll tell you it’s money very well spent. You’ll likely hear stories of older Macs that are many years old and still in use. You’ll also hear about the quality of the machines and how they’re good investments as well as remarkable computers.

Windows users: stop rolling your eyes! Admittedly, Apple’s products aren’t for everyone.

A recent poll (“The 2012 Customer Satisfaction Survey”) found the company’s laptops, known as MacBooks, received first place in every category–although there were some ties, and the margin was tight in some categories.

It was not conducted by Macworld, which might be a better explanation of the results. No, it was the sister publication PCWorld that put together the survey, which asked readers to vote for their likes and dislikes. Christopher Null’s PCWorld article provides more insight.

Here’s a graphic from his story showing the categories and ratings:

Apple tops in survey

Here’s an excerpt:

The world of laptops continues to be dominated by Apple, which had the highest scores in almost all satisfaction measurements in our 2012 reader survey of satisfaction, reliability, and service. With a mere 6 percent of those polled reporting any significant problem with their Apple machine, users also gave top marks to almost all aspects of their MacBooks. Only in design, the number of ports, and performance for the price did readers award Apple-like scores to Windows PC makers.

Outside of Apple, numbers were fairly consistent, with most satisfaction scores bunched in the 7-to-8 range. Asus, Lenovo, and Sony had slightly higher satisfaction numbers on average; Acer, Dell, and HP for Business fell slightly below the curve.

Universally, consumers reported high satisfaction with their laptops’ display quality and said that they were generally satisfied with the port selection on their machines. At the other end, poor speaker quality remained a common complaint, and we also heard gripes about lousy laptop touchpads.

Interestingly, surveyed readers generally said their laptops were quite reliable, giving higher reliability scores to the machines than the overall satisfaction ratings they awarded. Again, Apple led on reliability, with Dell for Home and HP for Home scoring slightly lower than average.

Null’s article is full of much more information, mostly presented graphically, with illustrations detailing answers to the other laptop characteristics.

It’s the second of four pieces covering survey questions, which are, in order: an introduction explaining how the survey works; this article on laptops; a look at desktop survey results; and how printers fared with PCWorld readers.

The series is a great reference tool no matter which product you are considering buying.


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