IOS 6: Eight things that are (still) annoying

Those of use that use Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or the new mini are familiar with iOS, the operating system that powers those devices.

Some of us hardly know iOS, and some have been using it since–well, before it was called that, when it was known simply as the iPhone operating system (OS), because that’s the first Apple device that had it. (It wasn’t renamed iOS until after the introduction of the iPad in 2010.)

While Apple has generally been pretty good at responding to complaints by making changes and revisions, there’s still some things that haven’t been properly addressed, or now should be redesigned because better options are available.

The staff of Macworld have collected eight annoyances or problems with iOS 6 that it would like to see fixed in iOS 7. Some of them could even be implemented with an incremental update.

Here’s an excerpt:

Now that we’ve been living with iOS 6 for a while, we’ve realized (to our chagrin) that it still comes with a few quirks that bugged us in previous versions and still aren’t fixed. Herewith eight of the surviving features and flaws that botherMacworld editors the most.

Can’t easily pull files from a Mac

You’re on the couch with iPad in lap and recall the ebook file you downloaded to your Mac earlier in the day. Awesome as it sounds to walk downstairs, fire up iTunes, select your iPad, click on the Apps tab, locate the iBooks app, drag the ebook file to the app’s storage area, and sync your device, wouldn’t it be better still to simply tap on your Mac’s icon on the Home screen to mount it, navigate to the ebook file, and download it directly to the iBooks app?

Without a third-party app, this kind of transfer is impossible. Though iOS devices can now wirelessly sync, you have to feed them from within iTunes.

Dropbox is one of the easiest ways to get files on your iPhone.

But, speaking of third-party apps, here’s how it’s done: Download a copy of Stratospherix’s $5 FileBrowser app. FileBrowser allows you to rummage through any Mac, PC, or server on your local network for which you have a login ID. Find the file you want, tap the blue icon next to it, and tap the Open In button. The file will download to your device and open in the app you selected.

Alternatively, when downloading such a file to your Mac, drop it in your Dropbox folder. Tucked away there you can then access it from any Dropbox-compatible app on your iOS device.—Christopher Breen

When iOS 7 is introduced sometime next year, doubtless we’ll see some improvements as well as some things we won’t be expecting. Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing how many of these “suggestions” will be fixed or implemented–if any.


One thought on “IOS 6: Eight things that are (still) annoying

  1. Once again we see that no OS is perfect. I’m a proud owner of an Android device, but it also has its set of flaws. At the end of the day we’ll have to pick what better suits our needs and taste. I wouldn’t go for iOS because of the lack of customization and integration between apps (I like to have 3rd party keyboards and browsers that beat any native one, for instance), but I have to admit I’m giving away iOS’s better stability and speed.
    BTW congratulations for your blog, and thank you for finding value in mine.

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