Review: 2012’s biggest tech flops and failures

Everyone’s got their own favorite list of what the high spots and successes of the past year are…but how many failures, flops, and tech toe-stubbing moments can you name?

Jared Newman from PCWorld has collected them all together in this slideshow.

Spoiler alert–here’s the list:

  1. Instagram uproar.
  2. Playstation Vita’s lifeless launch.
  3. Microsoft leaves Windows Phone 7 users behind.
  4. Google TV’s hapless quest to dominate.
  5. BlackBerry 10’s no show.
  6. Windows 8’s lackluster launch.
  7. Apple’s misguided Maps.
  8. Facebook’s IPO falls flat.
  9. The Lumia 920 PureView’s camera crew.
  10. Security breaches galore.
  11. Yahoo’s CEO scandal.
  12. Cisco cloud router’s rainy day.
  13. Motorola’s broken upgrade promises.
  14. SOPA and PIPA.
  15. Mass Effect 3’s rage-inducing ending.
  16. Ultrabooks fail to impress.
  17. OnLive’s sudden implosion.
  18. Microsoft’s ‘Smoked by Windows Phone’ campaign gets lit up by Android.
  19. The rise and fall of Lulzsec.
  20. Nexus Q: The media streamer no one wanted.

I’m sure there’s already a wager board somewhere in Las Vegas where you can bet on what you think the 2013 tech failures will be. After all–you can bet on most anything in Vegas.


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