Thoughts on end of Mayan calendar but not world; Weird and funny ‘Hall of Technical Documentation’

Bet you look pretty silly now, End-of-the-World-Mayan-Calendar-Enthusiasts!

The world did not end, as many thought it might, when the Mayan calendar ended on December 21 2012 at 11:12 am, Greenwich Mean Time.

At least, unless there’s some weird “Twilight Zone” stuff going on, and it did end but for some reason we just don’t know it yet.

This doesn’t mean it still can’t! I mean, it will at some point, right?

One of the responses to the claims of the world ending comes from that venerable book known as the Bible. In Matthew 24:36 it is written, “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.”

I like that…and, I think that’s probably how it should be–no one knows but the Creator. But I’m pretty sure the Mayans didn’t have a Bible around when they were constructing their ancient calendars many many years ago.

See, here’s the thing: Yes, the Mayan calendar ended at 11:11 am, Greenwich Mean Time, December 21, 2012. But guess what?


…on 11:12 am Greenwich Mean Time…December 21, 2012.

Wow…there’s a concept. Whomever first began the argument “The world is going to end on December 21 2012 at 11:11 am Greenwich Mean Time because the Mayan calendar which is 10,643 years old (or some suitably large number) will end then and you know, those Mayans, they were great scientists and astronomers…and did you know that they invented television?”

(Clip from the excellent 1983 film “Repo Man”…(right to left, Emilio Estavez and the great Tracey Walter.)

This would be the equivalent in modern society of the world ending every time we tore off the present page of the calendar on December 31 to make room for the January page of the New Year.

(Easy solution: use 16 month calendars!)

‘Hall of Technical Documentation’ website

This site has a mild adult rating…I’d say a PG rating, for some mild adult themes. If you’re a parent, best look at it first.

The website’s author has collected signs and documentation from around the world…some are badly translated, most are illustrated improperly. It’s quite a collection–on display are, at best, a series of not-fully-thought-out poor attempts to communicate effectively.

I enjoyed going through them last night, while staying up to see what was going to happen at 4:12 am MST (11:12 am Greenwich Mean Time, December 21, 2012.)

Yes, I’ll admit it. I did that.


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