‘Star Trek Into Darkness’: Alice Eve revealed as ‘Carol Marcus’–villain is ‘John Harrison’ (?)

Okay…I’m not above admitting I’m wrong. And I’m not doing that…yet.

It was recently revealed by Eric Eisenberg of CinemaBlend.com that Alice Eve’s character is not, as we had previously surmised, that of Elizabeth Dehner, from Star Trek: The Original Series‘ “Where No Man Has Gone Beforeepisode. This one featured Gary Mitchell, the alleged villain in the new 2013 film Star Trek Into Darkness. Eisenberg says he has learned that Eve does, however, play a character who has a pretty big part in the Star Trek universe.

Eve’s role, according to Eisenberg, is that of Carol Marcus.


That in itself is pretty cool. (Dr. Carol Marcus is the molecular biologist who created the Genesis Device, which plays a huge role in both II and III:The Search for Spock.) She’s also the father of Admiral James T. Kirk’s child, David.

While the romance of Marcus and Kirk ultimately leads to David, Kirk’s only known son (who knows how many others could be out there? Kirk had some problems–shall we say–keeping his pants on amongst women), we don’t learn of this until Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Apparently, in that film we are led to believe that Marcus was someone Kirk had met while he was still captain of the USS Enterprise, from The Original Series (TOS)…or after he had returned home from the ship’s ‘five year mission’. Judging by David’s appearance, he must be at least 18. The ten years between 1969 (the end of TOS) to 1979 (the first Star Trek movie) doesn’t quite work out–but hey, this is television, after all.

So, how she fits into all of this is unknown at this point. This does, unfortunately for the “Gary Mitchell” theory, make it a bit less reasonable. (See here and here for other viewpoints as to who Benedict Cumberbatch’s villain could be.)

Oh–and the name of the villain is also revealed.

Cumberbatch will play “John Harrison,” who Bad Robot said is the name of the new villain.

It’s possible that either Khan or Gary Mitchell changed that name in order to more secretively gain access to join Star Fleet and have access to Federation files.

Stil–you can join me, as we all together ask the question: “WHO? Who’s John Harrison?

Guess we’ll know soon enough.

(If you have any thoughts or comments to share, or you think you have a much better knowledge of the Star Trek universe than us, please feel free to add your comments below. Maybe you know who “John Harrison” is.)


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