Victims of Superstorm Sandy: it’s your fault Romney lost the election!

Below you will find a YouTube video of MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, posted on November 8 –so let’s say, just after the presidential election. In it, she talks about the various things that the Republican Party is telling itself–and us–after its huge loss.

Amongst these:

  • There are high-ranking Republicans who seem confused as to who actually won the election. One says that one of the first things President Obama must do is promote and press Congress to pass Governor Romney’s tax plan;
  • Another believes that Paul Ryan’s budget has “passed a pretty big test”: “we had to run around the country and defend it”;
  • Someone in the Romney’s campaign aftermath decided it would be a good idea to go ahead and publish the website and page that was already prepared had he won the election. It’s long gone now, and was soon taken down after it mistakenly made it to the Internet…but there are screen shots. How could this have been allowed to happen? This is political embarrassment raised to a “Dewey Defeats Truman” level;
  • Finally…according to the Washington Post, MItt Romney is telling his campaign donors that he believes “Hurricane Sandy stunted his momentum in the final week of the campaign.” This is echoed by Republican supporter Karl Rove, who according to the same source said President Obama was “lucky” that “Hurricane Sandy interrupted Romney’s momentum.” (The Romney comment is referenced at 6:02 in.)

Where do I begin?

It must be comforting for all those who lost power, their homes–some of which had been in the family for generations–as well as for many businesses, whose very existence was dealt a serious blow (or at least threatened)…as if you already don’t have enough on your proverbial plate, let’s just add some more, shall we?

It’s your fault that you were devastated by Hurricane, or as i prefer, Superstorm Sandy. Shame on you! You cost that nice Romney man and his boy Paul Ryan the election!

(After all, if you didn’t lose your lives or houses or property, this would have been a non-issue, right? Shame on you for being there and having those things to lose!)

How could you have been so inconsiderate? How rude of you!

YEAH…I’m guessing that’s not what most victims want to hear, especially since Romney could not be bothered to visit the disaster areas, doing his best George Bush impression. He preferred to stay in Florida and campaign.

I have to wonder: did the votes he gained there (he still lost the state, although narrowly) make up for the ones he lost by not visiting the devastated areas, not making an appearance to be with the people he hoped to govern?

New Jersey’s own Governor Chris Christie, himself a vocal Romney supporter, could not say enough good things about President Obama following Sandy’s devastation.

So, let’s just be clear here…what some of you Republicans are saying is: it doesn’t matter that people lost their lives, their homes, their possessions, all that they had? The most important thing we should be taking from this–and never mind your personal suffering–that storm cost us the election!


(We’ve mentioned here before that Superstorm Sandy could have been a help to Obama’s campaign.)

I have heard from some of you in your comments to BroodCoffeeTalk. About how far off-base and out of touch the Republican party is…about how the party must take a more modern approach that embraces LGBT, Latinos, women and nonwhites.

The Republicans of today are far from the Republicans of Lincoln‘s time. Today’s GOP, from all of its appearances, represents the party of the affluent, of the rich, of the fundamentally religious, of the white upper class.

These comments just reflect how far they still have to go.

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