Windows 8: Like Google for search ? Re-enable it with this app

The Modern (formerly Metro) interface in Windows 8 defaults to Microsoft’s own search engine and browser. Here’s how you can get Google back for web searching, from an article by PCWorld’s Ed Oswald:

The Modern user interface of Windows 8 defaults to Microsoft’s own browser and search products, a move that may bother some users who have gotten accustomed to other browsers. (The European Union isn’t thrilled about it either.)

Google agrees, and the search giant’s answer is a new website to show you how to “get your Google back” in two minutes—complete with a catchy video including a cover of the Jackson Five’s 1963 hit “I Want You Back.”

Bringing Google back is two-step process. The first involves downloading the Google search app that has been specifically designed for Windows 8’s tiled UI. Those used to using Google’s website should be immediately familiar with the interface, with various gestures such as swiping added for touch-enabled devices.

Google says it will even bring its ever popular doodles to Windows 8: the tile icon dynamically changes to the doodle when they’re active on the site, and the search app will display the doodles from its front page.

The second step requires downloading a version of the Chrome browser specifically designed for Windows 8. Enhancements here include larger buttons for use with touch devices, as well as the capability to open up Chrome alongside other Windows 8 apps. Also explained during: the easy setting of Chrome as the default browser during setup.

Will Google’s effort to get around the walled garden that has become Windows 8 work? That remains to be seen, but at least it shows that Microsoft’s competitors are willing to fight against the Redmond’s land grab of their turf.

It’s interesting that no one ever says anything about how Safari is Apple’s default browser in both OS X and iOS. In the latter there’s no way to change it to another…yet Microsoft gets heat for IE (Internet Explorer). It must be all those years of forcing IE on its users, and effectively driving the far superior Netscape‘s market share so low it ended up in AOL’s arms. (Ew.) It’s now marketed as a “discount” browser…thankfully not before Netscape released its code as open source, and from which sprang Mozilla’s Firefox.

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