Watch this if you are a woman, love a woman, or care about the rights of women and others

This is from a few days ago. I debated on whether to post it, but decided to in the off chance that even some of it could be true. Considering that, I therefore believed that I had an obligation to present it to you.


If even some of the points in this presentation are true–I fear for the women that I love, the women I admire…and for the rights of women everywhere. Since 1848 you’ve fought for your rights, steadily gaining ground in that fight. Now, it could all be challenged and come crashing down…unless you vote to stop it.

Now, the obligatory disclaimer:

This YouTube video is a collection of news clips and opinions. It has been posted by Voice4America, a PAC (political action committee) that supports President Barack Obama. This is NOT an objective opinion or representation of the facts. This PAC’s sole purpose at this time is to garner votes and support for Mr. Obama.

It is being posted here with the hopes that you will seek more information based on the material presented. These are serious allegations, and you are advised to draw your own conclusions as to their validity. Please research them carefully. However, the fact that these allegations even exist should be cause for your concern.

Choose wisely. Your choice could affect women for generations ahead.

Neither this site nor its author officially support the positions presented in the video. 

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