Survey: ‘Zero percent’ of consumers unconcerned about iPhone 5 ‘Maps’ issue

A recent survey from ChangeWave Research shows that of the consumers who have expressed interest in purchasing an iPhone 5, less than 10 percent have concerns about Apple’s admittedly-flawed ‘Maps’ app.

Following the release of the newest iPhone last month there has been some controversy over the included Apple-created Maps app. It replaces the Google offering, included on all iPhones since the debut in 2007.

Users have complained about a variety of issues. For example, as documented on the highly amusing “The Amazing iOS 6 Maps” site: in Great Britain, islands with long attaching roads, to blacked out areas in London, to roads/bridges that are incorrectly marked and appear to be on the sides of a long mountain range, to Big Ben with four different clock times…click on the link, you get the idea.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook posted a letter apologizing for the problems associated with the app, essentially admitting it had some bugs.

Here’s an excerpt of the ChangeWave article:

Ninety percent of iPhone 5 buyers have not experienced “any problem at all” with Apple’s new Maps app. Only 3 percent say it’s a “big problem,” and 6 percent say it’s “somewhat” of a problem.

I guess those 3 percent are Silicon Valley tech blog writers.

ChangeWave Research just surveyed 4,300 consumers, and it turns out that they don’t care about Apple Maps versus Google Maps. In fact, one in three people surveyed said they’re likely to buy the iPhone 5, with 20 percent saying “very likely” and 13 percent saying “somewhat likely.”

“Despite the media attention surrounding both the Apple Maps issue and the Apple Lightning port issue, neither has had an impact on the massive numbers of buyers queuing up to buy the iPhone 5,” Paul Carton, a ChangeWave VP, said in a statement, adding that “both issues hardly rank as bumps in the road.”

I have to admit that I’ve had no problems with ‘Maps’ on my iPhone…but then, I’m not going to great lengths to look for them, either. So far, it’s performed just fine…and the turn-by-turn navigation, which wasn’t available on the Google version, is a nice touch. (And yes, I know Android has had it since Day One…and thanks for sharing.)

I do have a concern with buyers who have been told there is an issue with a product, but still express interest in purchasing it anyway. Either 1) the Maps issue has been overblown and they don’t care; or 2) they see other features they really like and want to have access to [SEE #1]; or 3) they already have a GPS; or 4) they already know where they’re going.

With improvements arriving daily, I’d prefer to wait at least until the end of the year before I throw any more dirt on Maps.

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