The Rolling Stones: Still Crazy After 50 Years

How do they keep on doing it?

In a world where bands come and go, The Rolling Stones have been at it since 1962. That’s fifty years!

I’ve already said (here and here) that their 1972 double LP, Exile on Main Street (or, as it is actually called, Exile on Main St.) is the finest rock and roll album ever recorded…in my humble opinion.

This past summer Rolling Stone magazine (no obvious relation) released “The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.” The Introduction was written by Sir Elton John, who agrees–“Exile on Main Street is the finest rock & roll album ever made.” Despite what he and I both believe, it was ranked seventh.

While Exile might be the best Stones album the band has ever done, that doesn’t mean the band’s new CD, “GRRR!”, is on the same level. But critics are calling it a return to the Stones’ 60s and 70s sound.

The first single is called “Gloom and Doom”. It’s kind of good, it’s been a few times, and I’m not tired of listening to it just yet.


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