Steelers making road opponents look like Super Bowl contenders

I’ve complained on this site before about my favorite team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and how this season’s edition wouldn’t be able to spell a Road W-I-N if you spotted them the “W” and the “I”–to paraphrase former Dallas Cowboy-and-two-time-lottery-winner-Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson, about Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw.

Interesting reference. Thursday night Ben Roethlisberger broke Bradshaw’s all-time Steelers passing yardage mark. I’m sure he’d rather remember this night with a win…which could have happened if:

  • …The Steelers can manage to hold a 4th quarter lead;
  • …Roethlisberger manages to connect to his receivers near the game’s end as well as he connected to Mike Wallace for the Steelers’ first TD;
  • …Players stop falling down from injuries–was it the heat and humidity? You could see by the sweatmarks on the Titans’ jerseys that it must have been humid on the field. I know Coach Mike Tomlin won’t accept injuries as a reason for a loss–and to his credit on that. Still, at some point it does become a factor;
  • …Ike Taylor is finally able to get over being badly torched by Demaryius Thomas in the playoff OT loss to Denver. It seems like he is now on a mission to show every NFL receiver he covers that he’s tough, like Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder in “Stir Crazy”–“We bad, we bad!” Problem is, he’s not, and his efforts are hurting the team. He’s committing fouls and extending plays for the opposing offense, when he’s not allowing TDs. Thomas not only lives but is renting space in Taylor’s head now;
  • …The defense compensates for the loss of Troy Polamalu. After 2009, the Steelers are 7-9 *ERRRRR* make than 7-10 (after the Titans’ loss) without him. He plays the game full-speed, lights out. Is it unreasonable to think that he’ll never again play a full season without some sort of nagging injury?
  • …The Steelers had a legitimate pass rusher? I know Lamarr Woodley was out, and it’s a different game if he’s there. But he wasn’t. The defensive line and linebacking corps need some serious infusion of young talent. Watch the Houston Texans play defense, and remember when you used to make plays like that. Choose a couple of good pass rushers in the 2013 NFL Draft…which shouldn’t be a problem, as it looks like you’ll be drafting plenty high enough.

Oh, there’s probably more…but that’s enough for now. On a more positive note: I think it’s great that the Pittsburgh Steelers are being unselfish, and giving–and I do mean giving–other AFC teams the opportunity to compete for a championship in their absence. How nice to see to it that everyone has a chance, and that no one goes away empty-handed!

I’m certain Joe Greene, Jack Lambert, Greg Lloyd and Mel Blount would be pleased with their concern for the rest of the league’s feelings.


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