Avoiding Twitter turn-offs and unfollows

Recently I published the below post on The Backup List.com about Twitter and how certain things, kind of like violating Twitter etiquette, can get you unfollowed. Since most everyone on Twitter are very concerned with how many followers they have (I know, I know, I’m not either), avoiding these Twitter turn-offs will help prevent the dreaded “unfollow” from striking you, too.

Here’s a list–compiled from Internet searches of several sites–of the main Twitter turn-offs and reasons to unfollow:

  1. The tweets are only business-oriented and trying to sell something,  no personal ones.
  2. Nearly all tweets are links.
  3. You think you’re funny…but you’re painfully not.
  4. You unfollowed me first, so now I’m gonna unfollow you. How do you like that?
  5. The tweets are vulgar and distasteful.
  6. You’re like a lurker in a chat room…that’s creepy. Join in!
  7. You constantly sends links that don’t work–are dead or lead to the wrong site.
  9. Only retweets other’s tweets, no original thoughts or comments.
  10. So mch abrviatn, cnt alwys tell wht u r sying…trying to cram too many words into 140 character space.
  11. Ur spleling is arwful and yuo wont ues spelll chkcer!
  12. Your DMs (Direct Messages) come on too strongly.
  13. You always talk about how terrible your life is.
  14. Too many F-bombs and bad language, all the time. Just because the word f**k can be a noun, verb, adjective etc. doesn’t mean you have to use it in every sentence.
  15. No Bio listing…and you’ve had your account for more than a few weeks now.
  16. Ditto for profile picture…even a drawing works, or a picture of scenery.
  17. Sending a random link with no explanation, and I don’t know who you are. I don’t want to click on it and see something awful or distasteful.
  18. You appear to have no depth or substance.
  19. In direct messages, you tweet one-word answers, like “ok”, 90% of the time. If you don’t have time to tweet or anything to add just say so!
  20. Acting like someone you’re not, especially someone famous. Spelling your words like you have an Ah-nohld accent, etc.
  21. You don’t follow a major rule: A person’s opinion is neither right nor wrong. It is theirs, and not subject to your judgement. It can be ill-informed, or based on erroneous or inaccurate information–but it is never wrong.
  22. Another major rule: no politics or religion, unless you are ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN your followers all think the same way you do.

Finally–as Michael Cheek, self-described social media and digital marketing professional, says in his self-titled blog:

  1. You’re in a bathing suit or inappropriately naked in your avatar. Now here’s the thing, people who meet my “Top 10 Reasons I Will Follow You” might also be a supermodel or bodybuilder or triathlete or have the latest vacation photo from your snorkeling [adventure] with manta rays off the Grand Cayman Island.
  2. You’re an egg and I don’t know you. An “egg” is the default avatar photo in Twitter.
  3. You lack a bio and I don’t know you. I like to have a sense of who you are unless I’ve encountered you elsewhere, such as LinkedIn or real life. Still, a bio is simple enough to create.
  4. You don’t look human or you are Undead. I don’t mind following companies but I sure as heck prefer companies where a human tweets. If you haven’t noticed, I have a thing against Zombies, the Undead online. I am sick of reading my Twitter feed to find no human interaction. Maybe it’s because I work from home more often or maybe it’s because I actually believe social media requires social interaction but come on, let’s get it on.
  5. You’re too political. If I’m confronted with Palin-loving, Obama-hating, Tea Party bashing or anything such other than appropriate analysis from a marketing standpoint, I’m going for the center square to block, Wink.
  6. You’re too religious. It goes right along with the politics. Faith is something deeply personal and everyone has a right to it. As Mama used to say, you don’t talk politics, religion or money with people, so that brings us to the next two.
  7. You want money. I’m looking for a job; you are so barking up the wrong tree.
  8. You promise quick money. I hang up on those phone calls, delete those e-mails and ignore any such promises as well.
  9. You call me or others a name except in jest. I love a good debate, discussion or, if we must call it so, argument. Name-calling is the last refuge of the intellectually bankrupt or the out-argued or just simply an idiot (that last, my friends, was a pun).
  10. You’ve got the “NOT” factor: You are somewhere I am not (and very localized), you are focused on something I am not interested in, you are not in my industry, you are not someone I know, you are not real, you are not interesting, you are not tweeting, you have not tweeted lately, or you are not tweeting in English.

Of course, perhaps the easiest way to avoid unfollowing someone is to be fairly certain–perhaps, by having read them for a while–that you know someone’s tweeting habits before you follow them.

What do you think? Do you have any reasons of your own that you’d like to add?

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