What are some of the things Nexus 7 users are doing with their devices?

Here’s something I wrote on another weblog that I publish to, The Backup List.com:

Google recently released its Nexus 7 tablet, and from all accounts it looks like good competition for the rest of the 7 inch tablets; for example, the Samsung Galaxy 2 series and the also-recently-released Kindle Fire HD. So, I did some poking around online to see what its users were doing with them…and, whatever that was, how it might be different from what the Galaxy 2 and Fire HD users were doing.

And, the answer is…not very much.

Here’s a list of what Nexus 7 owners are using it for, according to an informal survey from several Android forums:

  • Online gaming.
  • Watching videos (from services like Netflix).
  • Watching YouTube.
  • Reading ebooks (one user claims to have 1000 books on it).
  • Reading comic books.
  • Editing photos.
  • Checking and responding to email.
  • Browsing/surfing the Internet.

However, you’ll notice that none of them say they are writing notes, email, etc. on its display screen. In fact, on one Android forum site, questions are being asked and answered about which are the best writing app and stylus to use with the Nexus 7.

The article goes on to point out that Samsung’s devices appear to be far and away the best choice if you want to take handwritten notes on the display screen using native software with the included stylus.

BUT, the introduction of Apple’s iPad Mini (or Air)–should there actually be one–could completely upset the current device lineup.

The latest rumors have Apple making the announcement on October 10, for an October 17 event that would presumably introduce it.


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