The eventual return of No Doubt–was there any, really?

There’s a nice feature on the reformed band No Doubt recently on The Guardian site. It’s great to have them back.

“It just feels so much more natural being back in this mode. The solo records allowed me to indulge my girly side but it was never meant to be taken seriously,” says Stefani, casually disowning several million record sales and a slew of Grammy nominations. “It was just like an art project that kept going longer than I expected. The group never ended – we always knew we’d come back to make this album.”

But the album almost never happened. The band, which consists of Tony Kanal, Tom Dumont and Adrian Young alongside Stefani, originally tried to write it in 2008 and found, for the first time in their 20-year career, that they couldn’t.

Stefani goes on to say that she was burned out after two successful albums, two subsequent tours and the birth of her two children. It was difficult to refocus, she said. But refocus the band did…and produced an album (“Push and Shove”) that, musically, picks up right where 2001’s “Rock Steady” left off.

Often when a band breaks up and then reforms later on it’s more to make money on the music revival circuit. The notable exceptions have been the Eagles (drummer and songwriter Don Henley once famously said that the band would reform “when Hell freezes over,” which became the name of their concert tour after they had indeed done so), and Fleetwood Mac–many times and in various forms as to require a scorecard to keep track.

And now, No Doubt…I guess we shouldn’t ever have doubted them.


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