Google’s Motorola Mobility division makes humorous light of Apple’s Maps app troubles

Problems found with the iPhone 5’s Maps app (Originally posted on

Motorola Mobility, a division of Google, has created an ad that mocks the troubled Apple Maps application in iOS 6.

iOS 6, which runs on the new iPhone 5, was rolled out last Wednesday to generally positive reviews. One notable trouble spot, however, has been the Maps application, which replaces an earlier similar app from Google.

Apple’s reaction to the criticism and its Maps app troubles seems to have only emboldened various critics as well as direct competitors.

A number of short satiric and sometimes crude videos on a Google+ section for #iLost includes one with a car smashing through a crowd of bicyclists, apparently on a path recommended by Apple Maps. Another post shows that Apple Maps renders the Eiffel Tower flattened to the ground in two dimensions.

You can watch the ad here.

I’ve been hearing about this practically since the day after the iOS 6 release. It doesn’t make sense that Apple would repeat its Siri mistakes and release an app that has a half-finished feel to it. If these reports are true, I’m actually surprised that it was allowed “out of the barn” at all.

Apple had since the iOS 6 announcement in June to get this really nailed down.

I haven’t noticed any serious difficulties with it yet on my iPhone. I played around with it a bit after the iOS 6 upgrade, but I generally don’t fully use a mapping app until I’m going somewhere that I’ve not been before.

While there are many users (like me) that say Maps seems to work just fine, there’s a growing number that says it really doesn’t.

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