A truly fair and unbiased comparison of the iPhone 5, Android and Windows phones

From Macworld–a considered and well done piece comparing the three most current smartphones, written by an Android user:

For a while now, Apple’s competitors have been making hay with their larger screens, faster networking, and excellent cameras. With the iPhone 5, Apple has provided a strong response. This is a state-of-the-art smartphone that’s fast, thin, and light. Apple only releases one iPhone a year, so the company makes decisions about how to balance screen size, weight, battery life, and numerous other factors.

Meanwhile, Apple’s competitors offer a variety of phones with different specs that can appeal to different users. And both Windows Phone and Android offer different approaches that may appeal more to some users than iOS.

The iPhone 5 is a polished piece of hardware that can take on any other smartphone out there. It does exactly what it was designed to do: Appeal to a mass market of consumers who want simplicity, slick hardware, and a good combination of features, size, and battery life. It’s a great phone, but it’s not for everyone. Early adopters and those who want to live on the bleeding edge of technology may well find that Android and Windows Phone devices might fit better into their lives.

I would recommend this article for anyone in the market for one of these phones, or someone just looking to keep up with the current state of the mobile phone industry’s more discussed models.

One of the best things about the piece is, it’s warts and all–he objectively discusses both good and bad points on all the models.

Daily, I read articles about which phone has the best this or that. Invariably, in the forum (or Comments section), there are negative responses mixed in with some hopefully positive ones, and some in-your-face replies to the negatives (and often the positives). Sorry, but to me, the criticism goes both ways for Apple users and those with Android devices.

It’s refreshing to have an objective view of these devices, written by someone who can’t be classified in any way as an “Apple fanboy” or really anything but an objective writer.


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