New iPhone 5 ads from Apple also feature new ‘Earpods’

New iPhone ads, released yesterday (the following is from the site):

In “Thumb,” Apple points out the while the iPhone 5 features a taller screen, it is still usable entirely with one hand — a gentle knock on the tendency of rival phones to go bother taller and wider in an effort to make their phones seem more like miniaturized tablets (coining the word “phablet” for the largest of this category). While some phones with larger screens have proven popular with buyers, reports of drops or needing to use two hands and styluses to effectively utilize them have also increased — problems that plagued the laptop-replacement Windows tablets of the pre-iPad era.

“Cheese” takes the iPhone 5 into an area that is clearly one of Apple’s key areas of interest, photography. The spot shows off exactly how to create a panoramic shot (in this case of a group of children in costumes, subtly playing into the coming Halloween holiday) using a new feature built into the iPhone 5. The resulting shot is then shown as a portrait hanging on a wall. The ad does not mention the faster and substantially-improved camera system in the iPhone, but just demonstrates the Panorama feature alone.

The “Physics” ad attempts to communicate an important element of the new iPhone’s likely sales appeal that can’t really be shown well on television — the 20 drop in weight, along with the 18 percent thinner design. Because no previous iPhone (or rival smartphone) is seen for comparative purposes, the narrator is used to illustrate the change by pondering how the new iPhone can be both “bigger” (as in the larger 4-inch screen) and yet “smaller” (volumetrically, the entire iPhone 5 is 12 percent smaller than the iPhone 4S). “There’s more of it,” the voice intones, “and yet … less of it,” referring to the weight. The ad concludes with the narrator suggesting that the “laws” of physics may rather just be “general guidelines.”

The same site offers new video from Apple featuring the new “Earpods”:

Echoing the explanatory technical film that was shown during the iPhone 5 rollout, Apple’s new EarPods spot starts off with a close-up of several ears. “Ears,” says the narrator, “are weird.” He points out the odd shape of the human ear generally, and says “[ears] aren’t round … so why would headphones be round?” Visually an earbud comes into view at this point, shot from an angle that makes it look like Apple’s own previous earbud (which are still included with the non-Touch iPod products).

“They should be shaped like this,” the voice says as the camera cuts in and the EarPods are shown in profile, which displays their shape more identifiably. “[They’re] … ear-shaped,” we are told as the buds are then inserted into a woman’s ears, showing that they fit better and yet retain the characteristic look of iPhone headphones.

The effect is deliberately that of Apple questioning its own previous approach to earphones rather than implying that earbuds made by others are poorly-designed. While Apple’s original earbuds are used by hundreds of millions of people, they are generally considered simply “adequate” on a scale of headphones, and music lovers tend to shun them in favor of larger headphones or higher-quality earbuds.

Nicely well-done ads.


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