Apple’s iPhone 5 shatters sales records

“it leaves me in awe.”

That’s what Rex Ishibashi said on Monday, referring to the pre-sales of Apple’s new iPhone 5 topping 2 million units on Friday. He’s the CEO of Callaway Digital Arts Inc., an Apple iPhone game developer.

“It’s reflective of how important these devices and these digital technologies have become in our lives,” he went on to say in an interview.

Analysts who had predicted that Apple would sell 23 million units in the month of September raised their estimates to 26 million units.

“We might be conservative,” said Shaw Wu, an analyst at Sterne Agee & Leach Inc. “The initial [pre-order] batch is sold out.”

Listen: despite whatever you might personally think of the iPhone–“Apple is not a company, it’s a cult”; “the iPhone is not as good as Android”; “the iPhone is the greatest mobile device ever made!”–there’s no denying the sheer power of those numbers:

Apple sold 2 million iPhone 5 units in 24 hours through pre-order.

That doesn’t even count actual sales through a cash register, which won’t happen until September 21 at 8 am local time across the country. They might have sold even more had they not run out of stock.

Think about that–TWO MILLION UNITS. To put it in perspective: let me just throw out a few city names: Pittsburgh…Las Vegas…Denver…Portland…Cleveland…Kansas City…Tampa. According to the website, these are a few US cities that have populations of around 2 million.

Now, imagine if, in any one of those cities, every man, woman and child had an iPhone 5? Or, let’s look at this way: according to the 2011 US Census, that’s more than the individual populations of 14 states.

All that I’m trying to say is that despite its poor reviews that call the iPhone 5 everything from “a disappointment” to “boring“, despite the slow economy, despite other choices from manufacturers like Samsung and HTC, two million iPhone 5s sold for at least $199 each.

These aren’t only going to “Apple fanboys” (the derisive name many Apple haters place on users of the company’s products)…but also to people just like you and me.


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