NFL Week 2

The second week of NFL action is done for all but San Francisco and Detroit, who play tonight on Football Night in America; and Denver and Atlanta, who compete in tomorrow night’s Monday NIght Football game.

Which brings to mind: if, according to NBC, Sunday night is Football Night in America, what are Monday Night and Thursday Night Football? They should call it “Football Night At The Only Time We Are Now Contractually Allowed To Broadcast NFL Football Games.”

There is some back story to this.

Many of you may recall that, decades ago, NBC carried the AFC (American Football Conference) games, and CBS carried the NFC (National Football Conference) ones. There was no Fox Network or ESPN then and ABC had Monday Night Football.

Then, some high executive decided that CBS shouldn’t carry games any more (there’s only billions of dollars in TV revenue from the NFL to pass up, no big deal). The new Fox Network was only too happy to carry the NFC games and rake in all that cash. NBC also had a change of heart and it gave up covering the AFC games, and CBS–which had apparently had a momentary loss of reason before–agreed to cover the AFC. ABC decided it would rather show situation comedies and similar fare, so Monday Night Football moved to its sister station ESPN. NBC must’ve felt lonely, so they introduced Sunday night’s Football Night In America a few years ago, which, like the other two apparently bogus football nights, has no allegiance to either the AFC nor the NFC, any two teams can have their games broadcast.

Whew. Got all that? It should also be pointed out that this wasn’t a wake-up-and-change-your-fickle-mind kind of thing. Every few years the NFL’s TV contract comes up, and these changes took 30-some years to happen. So, when CBS decided not to carry the NFL, it couldn’t have a chance at it again until the next contract was due, then they could bid on games just like anyone else.

BUT all this is quite a digression. There were some good games this past week (which now starts on Thursday night), although fans of teams from Baltimore, New Orleans, New England, Dallas and New York (specifically, the Jets) might feel differently.

The Eagles won despite 4 turnovers, and Joe Flacco showed once again that he is as consistent a performer as the weather is predictable in the deep South.

The Saints team looks like it really misses Sean Payton. Forget the talk of how Drew Brees can run the offense…can he also manage the defense?

The Patriots got a taste of what happened to the Ravens in last year’s AFC Championship Game. The alleged winning field goal try was close only in that it traveled in the general direction of the goal posts.

The beast that is the Jets reared the ugliest of its two heads again. Perhaps, with the proper medical care, the ugly cabeza that is responsible for the team’s inconsistency and bizarre up-and-down play can be surgically removed, and the team can finally live up to the potential that all Jets fans (at least) believe that it has.

Finally–I’m not certain which I enjoyed more: watching the Seahawks play with those snazzy and very cool looking new uniforms…or watching that team pummel the Cowboys. And don’t let the 27-7 score fool you…Dallas was pretty much completely overcome and outmatched.

The only questions left to ask relate to the 49ers and the Broncos–will each look as good as they did last week?

UPDATE: San Francisco looks even better than last week, and last week was pretty good.

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